I'm definitely not a chef and will never claim to know more than the mere basics when it comes to cooking but once in a while I come across recipes that are real keepers and don't require particularly skilled hands. 

This is the place to come for ideas on how to cook up those tasty treats you've just picked from your garden. 

As mentioned in August's how to guide I do love Annabel Langbein's Gluten Free Corn fritter recipe. 

Here's the link to it, ENJOY: 

Recipe here


This broccoli salad is a real family favourite and in the run up to any family event it's a race to see who can put their hand up to make the broccoli salad as it's a no fail gem that takes little effort. Add cranberries or whatever takes your fancy
recipe here


Here's a parsley bread recipe for your excess parsley. I know what I'm doing tomorrow while the kids are home.

All credit to spruce eats - 

Recipe here