Kit set garden & 1/2 m3 of Supreme garden mix - soil

Kit set garden & 1/2 m3 of Supreme garden mix - soil


Kitset combo price excludes delivery - cost depends on delivery address.


Now we can set you up with everything you need to start your vegetable garden. We've taken the ordering hassle right out of set up.
We will sort the delivery of a 1350mm x 1350mm x 220mm timber kit set garden that you can assemble in your perfect garden location plus we will organise next day delivery of supreme soil to your property. This is a great soil mix suitable for your vegetable garden. It will have your vegetables soaking up up some real goodness before long. Generally our kitset garden takes 0.4m3, so you'll have a small extra supply to use to top up your garden as the soil settles or if you need to fill a few containers as your gardening journey evolves you'll have it at your disposal. 
Using bulk delivery is way better for the environment, imagine how many plastic bags you will bin buying 40 litre bags from the garden shop. Do this for the environment!
Please note the soil comes from an external supplier so choose your delivery location for the addition of delivery. Delivery areas for you to choose in the product photos. 

  • Kitset garden details

    This is so easy to assemble, it slots together by hand, and can be done by one person. If required you can use a rubber mallet to make sure the sections are slotted together perfectly. Otherwise use another piece of wood between your hammer and the planter, this is the best way to ensure your planter doesn't get damanged in construction. This planter requires approx 0.4 of cubic metre - 400 litres.