Minimal Waste Packaging

How can you make a difference to the environment you are going to leave your children?

In the products you buy.

When you are buying from The Punnet Project you can be assured we have thought carefully about how we package the products we send you. We haven't gone with upmarket fancy stuff that will look pretty, but take hundreds of years to breakdown. We are back to basics - a good old recyclable brown box, a stamped logo with a few well selected practical items inside. The green Bio Bag - it's biodegradable and home compostable. Occasionally the plants may have required a last minute water, so this bag’s best for those unavoidable drips that may come from your vegetable punnets. It means we can keep the box dry. Cos, no one wants a soggy bottom. Pro tip: Reuse the bio bag as a bin liner if it's in ok condition on arrival.

Those white things you may find in your box (pictured), are not the old school polystyrene once filling our landfills. The space filler we use to protect your products is just plain old 'pop starch'. Yes that right, it's a natural expanded starch, nothing plain about it really. When wet it will dissolve and just leaves the smallest fibre, which can be put into a garden to biodegrade or thrown it into your compost. (More technical info below)

We've chosen a biodegradable eco calico cotton draw string bag to package our garden tool sets. You can reuse the bag for someone else's gift or use it for storage.

If you order from The Punnet Project's online shop we will courier your order to you in a compostable courier bag. Yip we've gone all out.

How about your plastic punnets you say? That's plastic! While we work out how to come up with a better option for our Organic supplier we will continue to collect your punnets from you if left out for us on your next drop-off. We will take them back to our grower and they will be used for the next seedlings. Keeping them in the production chain means we don’t create new waste.

Keep the plant labels in your garden so you know what's growing and they even have helpful information on the back.

Did you know we have washable gardening gloves? Choose our utility gloves in the store. If wet or dirty, throw them into the washing machine, dry and reuse. Genius

We've got some cool local friends with businesses that also care about the environment and have products to help make your lives better. Check out our mates page.

Pop starch technical information:

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