Building a Bamboo Teepee

If you need a strong frame for your tomatoes, beans or peas give this simple bamboo stake Teepee a go. Easy as, you can't go wrong.

Depending on how many plants you want to put in, you could use anywhere from 3 to 8 stakes. Aim for a 2.4m high bamboo stake as a lot of climbing bean and pea varieties can grow up to 2m plus you need a section of the stake pushed into the ground.

Let's go

1. Use a circle as a guide for the size and shape of your teepee, I’m using the lid of a fire pit and I’m aiming for a 800mm diameter purely so the kids can walk inside the teepee. The kids suggested this would be a great place to sit and read.

2. Place it on the ground and push your bamboo stakes into the soil, evenly spaced around your circle

The spacing could be between 15-30cm apart

3. To secure your teepee you need to use outdoor string or twine, something that will last.

Start by taking hold of two stakes at the top and tying them together with a length of twine . After this continue to tie the rest of the stakes together so it’s secure.

After tying use your weight to push the whole structure into the ground a little more.

4. Remove your template now as it will just get in your way.

You can use pea straw inside your teepee if using it as a play space for the kids.

5.You need to use twine to secure the bottom of the teepee and this also gives the bean plants something to attach too. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your entire teepee so you know it’s the right length before cutting it. Go a head and secure the string to each stake so it’s firm and won’t move up or down.

6. Repeat this about half way up your teepee securing each stake.

Mainly for aesthetic reasons I decided to make some extra criss-crosses around the bottom for the beans to grow on. Hopefully will add strength and more support.

7. Plant you seedlings about 5cm in front of each stake.

If you find two seedlings in the section of punnet carefully untangle the roots, you only want one at each stake. Take the stronger looking plants if you have excess.

8.Give them a good water as you plant.

And your done

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