It’s Really Simple

We believe that vege gardening should be enjoyed by everyone. It shouldn't be complicated and it shouldn't be expensive. We aim to provide you with the basics to get the first plants in the ground and to keep things growing every month.
Gardening promotes good physical and mental health through relaxation and satisfaction, we think it's really worth a go.



The idea of being organic has been seen as unobtainable or unaffordable. We know in our family we try when we can, but we're also realistic about it too. But when it comes to veges, we think you need to start with the best intentions. We choose to use Weathersfield Organic seedlings. Grown locally, and certified organic.



Buy local, support local. Our aim is to support New Zealand businesses as much as we can. Our seedlings are grown in Henderson Valley, just ten minutes from where we live and our garden kits are from a dude in Mot. Where we can, we'll be buying from kiwis.


No Contracts

We hate being tied into anything, so don't believe you should be either.
Just make sure you cancel before your scheduled monthly payment date, this should also be before the16th day of the month to avoid payment being made.



We know that packaging can be a real issue and some packaging is hard to recycle. We'll be delivering in recyclable boxes, and seedlings in plastic punnets that can be reused by the nursery. We'll pick up used punnets (if they're in good condition) on our next delivery and take them back to our organic supplier. Please make  sure you leave them out for us in a visible spot. We're also looking into local drop-off points for punnet containers in the future.

We're committed to keeping our paper trail to a minimum so will make sure our information is online as much as possible.

To read more about our packaging click here.

If you have any ideas how we can be even more sustainable, please get in touch.