I'm Alexandra and the Punnet Project is my baby. 

The idea of the Punnet Project was born during that time we all stayed home and took one for the team. Our garden got more attention than ever before and we enjoyed the time outdoors together. Our only wish, that we'd been more organised with buying vegetable seedlings before we went into lockdown.

I've always loved being in the garden and I'm always looking for ways to get the kids interested in the healthy food on their plates! A friend suggested I look into an easy way for people to grow their own veges and the Punnet Project was born.

The idea was vege seedlings delivered to your door, at the right time of the year for planting.  

Since then, The Punnet Project has been all on.

Organic Vegetables


So many of us love the idea of growing our own veges, but don't know where to start. Where should I build my garden? What soil should I use? What do I even plant? And, because you don't know what should be planted each month, the plants don't grow and you lose motivation pretty quick, or maybe you don't even start at all.

We figured it was a great time to make vegetable gardening that little bit easier. We'll carefully select vege seedlings for you each month, so you can keep a good crop growing all year round. 



Each month you’ll receive a new and unique box full of goodness, delivered straight to your door. Pick the plan that works best for you. Sign up today!